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  Club championship 2019
  Name Played W L D Points
1 Mike O'M 13 8 2 3 27
2 Henry 7 5 2   15
3 Joe  9 4 2 3 15
4 Bob 7 3 1 3 12
5 Rob  10 2 4 6 12
6 Kevin  3 3     9
7 Dave M 5 3 2   9
8 Peter  9 2 6 1 7
9 Ron 6 2 3 1 7
10 John 6 1 2 3 6
11 Dave A 4 1 1 2 5
12 Lee 1 1     3
13 Mike D 2 1 1   3
14 Bill 4 1 3   3
15 Dave O 4 1 3   3
16 Chris 2   2   0
17 Bryan  4   4   0
18 Alex 5   5   0



Mondays & Thursdays from 7.30pm - 11.30pm

We are a friendly club and welcome players of all ages and abilities. New members are encouraged to come along and try our club for free. If you contact us before you visit we will provide you with a contact name and arrange a friendly game for you.


PKA 2018 seniors champions


Prescot and Knotty Ash become the 2018 NCCU seniors champions when we defeated South Sheilds by 2.5 - 1.5.

An especially good draw by Mike O'Mahony on top board against a 206 graded player followed up by draws by Kevin Sartain and Dave Owens. Mike Delaney had a fine win to seal the victory.


New NCCU Seniors Club Champions 2018

Posted on July 3, 2018 by admin2

Prescot & Knotty Ash are the new Seniors Champions!

The final was held on 30th June at the Bradford Latvian Club.
It proved a close match, but in the end a victory for the Prescot & Knotty Ash Club, who beat holders, South Shields, by 2½-1½. The Merseyside Club were outgraded on every board but in the end youth triumphed over age and experience – South Shields were on average 10 years older than their opponents.

Match scorecard:

  Prescot & Knotty Ash   South Shields
1. Mike O’Mahoney ½ – ½ Joe Watson
2. Kevin Sartain ½ – ½ Paul Bielby
3. David Owens ½ – ½ Brian Towers
4. Michael Delaney 1 – 0 Dave Patterson
    2½ – 1½  

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